In the coming days 3, 4 and 5of October will be held in the region, more specifically in the track of Faial, the municipality of Santana “Biosphere II Roller Skate”, an international tournament of speed skating which in its first edition in 2013 joined athletes more than 150, 87 of which outside the region athletes.
For this second edition about 3 weeks of the event, the list of subscribers has more than 100 athletes being the highlight is the presence of the great Belgian selection, this selection has in its ranks as Sandrine Tas athletes, champion multicampeã world in 2013 and Europe in 2014 in the month of August, or even two of the three elements of the team’s Senior European Champion in 2014 This selection behind an 11 athletes who will be present at the next World Championship mode that will perform in Argentina next November and will be in Madeira about a week to realize their preparation for that event.
For event organizers Alipio Silva and Juan Batista, Biosphere Roller Skate this year will be an evolution of transato year on the way in 2015 the event is encompassed in the Cup of Europe where the sport and there is certainly a significant increase in the number of athletes to participate in international and competitive quality of them, too cultured for this year’s event happens at a time favorable for preparation of selections in order to participate in the World Championship.
Also highlight the participation of athletes in the event as the Colombian Camilo Costa, the 2013 World Champion and current world record of flying lap where he made 200 meters in just over 13 seconds, or the French Guendal Lepiverd, current European champion in the race 500 meters. Join these two Portuguese the most prominent in the sport, these athletes that sometimes has already visited the region and Martyn Dias Diogo Marreiros athletes who dominated this year and recently won the Overall Winners of Europe.
This event begins gradually to regain your place in the international panorama mode, placing the region among the most apetecidos places to practice the sport.
The entries remain open until September 28, and according to the organization over the next week will take advantage of many of the clubs to confirm attendance at the event.