Last weekend took place in Ribeira do Faial, the “Third International Tournament Biosphere Roller Skate” speed skating tournament that brought the region over 79 athletes from countries like France, Czech Republic, Germany and continental Portugal athletes moving a total of 250 people relying on caregivers, coaches, delegates and the like.

Event was broadcast live made the Algarve company “Publiradio” with an audience of around 4000 the views of 17 different countries.

In this third edition with respect to the results the focus is on the French champion of Europe in 2015, Elton de Sousa who won imperial form the ranking senior male, as the female the winner was Andreia Canha Madeira athlete who currently represents the Nobel Team Algarve.

When the classification tournament winner clubs was the CDR Prazeres, followed by Arsenal de Canelas and the CDR Santanense.

The club with the most registered athletes was the CS Marítimo.

For the selection of German coach, the tournament is very well organized and presented a good competitive level in some levels, feather the floor of the track does not follow the rest of the level.