Training “Injury Prevention”

Training of "Injury Prevention", administered by Physiotherapist Celso Silva (consecrated physiotherapist from Algarve, who has been teaching at institutions such as Instituto Piaget, FMH, ISMAT, among others ... Sports Physiotherapist since 1993 with passages for modalities such as Basketball , Handball, Football, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Speed ​​Skating and others. Accompanied by her colleague Maria João Gomes, [...]

The International Tournament “Biosfera Roller Skate” offers excellent conditions!

The International Tournament "Biosfera Roller Skate" offers great level conditions immensely attractive prices. There are 5 different "PACKS" which participants can choose. The "Pack 1" only includes enrollment in tournament / marathon and 4 meals (2 lunches and 2 dinners), breakfast not included. The remaining four packs include enrollment in tournament / marathon, food (2 [...]