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Travel prices to Biosfera Roller Skate 2018

follow link Destination of departure to FUNCHAL, island of Madeira Country September 27 to October 1 PORTO PORTUGAL 103€ LISBOA 135€ BRUXELAS BELGIUM 211€ PARIS - Orly FRANCE 211€ AMESTERDÃO NETHERLANDS 273€ MADRID SPAIN 173€ BARCELONA 172€ CALI COLOMBIA 1470€ CIDADE DO MÉXICO MÉXICO 1181€ ROMA - Ciampino ITALY 230€ BOLONHA 260€ MILÃO - Malpensa 217€ [...]

News for international registrations The team document that provides the conditions for the clubs as well as all the organization for the international tournament was made available. A novelty of the sixth edition that the organization presents is a mega offer for the first foreign athlete per country to formalize their registration, will have free, accommodation, food, [...]

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Diogo Marreiros the first to make his registration in the Biosphere Roller Skate 2018

facial line relaxer Diogo Marreiros 1st to register in the Biosfera Roller Skate Diogo Marreiros the winner of the V edition of the Biosphere Roller skate does not want to leave its credits by the hands of others. As such, it has already formalized its application for this year's edition. You can follow the inscriptions as they [...]