There are many other activities ou can do in Madeira Island

imagem levadas

Walking (levadas)

The itinerary of the Levada is the best way to see the interior of the island of Madeira and its wild landscapes, thus enjoying its splendor.

Doing Canyoning<


Geological, climatic, hydrological and natural characteristics typical of Madeira makes it one of the best stages to practice canyoning. Great sport to enjoy the natural scenery.

waves and surf

Surf e Bodyboard

There are excellent suitable for the practice of surf and bodyboard sites throughout the region. Paradisiacal places of plenty coast, great weather and good water temperature.

cable car

Wicker basket toboggan and cable car

The traditional trip wicker basket toboggan is a postal of the region. It is a unique and different from touring in Funchal form. Make unforgettable journey to the capital by a car driven by two baskets of paths and the return of Cable and arrange spectacular views over the bay of Funchal and valleys.

Piscinas Naturais

Island tour (Natural pool)

The natural pools located in the municipality of Porto Moniz pools are formed by volcanic lava, where the sea comes naturally bringing crystal clear water.

Boating and nautical diversions

Boating and nautical diversions

Wood, with the seabed more than 3,000 feet deep and pleasant water temperature, the promenades one can see some magnificent marine creatures, such as whales, dolphins, turtles.

Theme park

Theme park tour

Located in the City of Santana. In the Park you can find various themed attractions, such as a simulator that depict the discovery of the island, a circuit “zoom-in-zoom-out” with reference to monuments and costumes, a replica of the Monte train, an oxcart and a lake with thumbnails of the fishing boats. Have the possibility, however, to practice extreme sports. Fun and knowledge about Madeira hand.